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com: 100 round drum. In the middle is a Type 81 Mag pouch with 4x 30 magazines, and two rare 15 round Chinese AK mags in the side pockets. It is used as the feeding device for the NHM 90 and NHM 91 rifles. When you are ready to shoot, just wind it up and you're ready to go. 62X39 75rd drum with blued steel body and clear polymer cover so you can see how many rounds are left. First is a 75 round triangle 36 drum. Wikipedia. The AK-47's standard 30-round magazines have a pronounced curve that allows them to smoothly feed ammunition into the chamber. $49. 62 ×39mm . New black Tapco USA made 30 round 7. This is a Chinese PLA Type 81 Magazine vest, which holds 4 x 30 round AK magazines, and 2 rare 15 round Chinese mags. 62X39 75rd Drum Magazine, Clear Back More Views Please Note: Many of our pictures are stock photos provided to us by the manufacturer and do not necessarily represent the actual item being purchased. The Chinese or Romanian drum mag pouch will hold a 75-round drum magazine of Korean, Bulgarian, Romanian or Chinese make. Special Purchase - 75 round AK-47 Drum Magazine - New Romanian - 7. 62x39 caliber. SOLD For my pending Yugo RPK purchase, I'd like to decide on which Chinese drum magazine I'll be buying. 62 x 39mm 75 Round Korean Mag Chinese. Image info : Resolution:640x225 Size:57kB. $200 each shipped. $250 FTF in OKC, Will ship on your dime. Fits the AK-47 using 7. I seriously never had one jam with the Russian designed drums. 62x39 Last edited by TMHonfire; 04-13-2008 at 04:54 PM . Also fitting clones like XR15, OA-15 Condition: new - with accessoiries as pictured. Details The Century Arms Romanian AK drum magazine is the best way to increase the capacity of your AK-47. I bought the Russian designed ones and they both run 100%. 00 each + Shipping ***($1,700 each + Shipping)*** The magazines are in better than surplus condition. BETA KCI Korean 75 round 7. . SAVE Where can I find 100 round Drums for the AK-47, I have looked all over the net trying to find where they are sold and how much they run for $$$. Here is a video of how the drum feeds the cartridges throughout the magazine. You will be getting the drum in the third picture and is still sealed in a bag. This item is $395. Romanian AK-47 (7. 2:49. 95 FREE Shipping Ultimate Arms Gear SKS AK47/AK74 AKM 75 Round Drum Magazine OD Olive Drab Green Pouch with Shoulder Strap Unissued New Chinese Chi-Com Government Military Genuine Surplus This is a AK47 Drum with a 75-Round capacity chambered in 7. 95 + shipping !!! . 600 rounds of hi- capacity fun! MAG AK74 Standard Mags Black Plum 5-pack 100round. Replace your factory original magazine, and stock up on high capacity 30 round mags at CSS! Congrats compadre, the triangle 36 marking on your drum denotes a genuine Chinese pre-ban Norinco drum. Sportsman's Guide has your AK-47 Drum Magazine, 75 Rounds available at a great price in our Rifle Mags collection Skip to main content $15 off orders $100 or more* SG3406 Use Coupon Code SG3406 at Checkout to receive $15 off your order of $100 or more. The 5. Loads from the back, and can be left loaded for storage with no tension on the spring. Someone already asked the owner of barel exchange what he does to convert them: "There are over 20 different mods done the the host drum including cutting the feed tower and rewelding it. Patterned after the Chinese style drum, these are high quality, new production Romanian drums. Polish 100 round 7. It has never been loaded. Redesigned wind-up style just like the original Chinese drum. Chinese AK-47 Magazines And Pouches, Including Type 63. Trade offers welcome. AK-22 Magazine, AK-47 Magazine, AK-74 Magazine AK-47 Drum 7. There are also 10, 20, and 40-round box magazines, as well as 75-round drum magazines. 62mm rifles, light support and other specialized weapons. SAVE. The reinforced composite material prevents corrosion while the heavy duty spring and anti-tilt follower ensure that every round will feed perfectly. Still has the ‘Made in China' sticker on front. Korean 75 rd AK 47 drum mags are going for between 60-65 dollars. Sportsman's Guide has your AK-47 Drum Magazine, 75 Rounds available at a great KCI AR-15 Drum Magazine, . Ak Ak-47 100 Round Drum Magazine For Sale At Gunauction. You load the drum unwound with the plate open and then close it up, wind it the directed amount of times and it supposed to be ready to go. 100 rounders seem to not be available under $200 NIW. I would never buy another Chinese drum of any kind, sorry. 62x39mm Ammo at AK Drum photo 20161112_153337. 62X39. 7. 99 for the 75 and $39. AK47 rifle gun ammo bullet rounds bag case mag sight decal sticker car suv ORIGINAL SURPLUS Military CHINESE TYPE 56 RIG DISCAL DRUM AMMO  They are based on the original Chinese military design and function and feed SKS Drum, 75 round high capacity, rear load drum mag for the AK-47 Rifle. The AK-47's standard 30-round magazines have a pronounced curve that allows them to. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! I put it to good use with my 75 and 100 round Chinese drums  Yes you can get a 100 round magazine drum for a AK-47. I did this, and then got a 75 round drum. Will ship Here is my battle pack. SOLD Chinese AK-47 / RPK / SKS Drum Magazine Pouch w/ straps VERY Limited Supply Genuine Chinese military surplus. Made In South Korea Now just close the drum back up and twist the tab on the back 3-4 times when ready to shoot. Holds 75-Rounds. Reviews Ak 47 100 Round Drum is best in online store. 75 rounders seem to be available NIW for $120 - $150 approx. Ak 47 With 100 Round Drum Chinese Ak-47 100 Round This drum is New old stock, I took the drum out of the sealed bag it came in to take the pictures. You don't need to go to china to get one either. Chinese Army AK 47 AKM magazine drum pouch. Will not ship to ban states, No paypal, Check or money order only. They are legal in all but a couple states. SKS Drum, 75 round high capacity, rear load drum mag for the AK-47 Rifle. Match your firepower to high capacity magazines & drums. This is a used drum in “as new” condition. 95 Description: 40-round AK stick mags not big enough for you? This is Hussein Obuma's (and probably Rambo's) favorite mag. Loaded weight: 5. Avtomát Kaláshnikova, lit. 95 This product can not be shipped to the following states: California, Colorado, Maryland, New Jersey Hi guys, Picking up a chinese 75 round drum tomorrow off my brother for $125, however I dont have a pouch for it. That is Red Bakelite Brass Pin Chinese AK-47 Bayonet on top. Science calls bullshit on China's 'AK-47 laser gun' Until (drum roll, please) now . BETA MAG™ UZI 9MM 100 ROUND DRUM MAGAZINE The BETA MAG is a revolutionary twin-drum high-capacity magazine for 5. Please check the photo. New   25 Apr 2017 China Spent Decades Trying to Build a Better AK-47 can feed from either standard Type 81 rifle magazines or a 75-round drum magazine. With everything from extended Glock magazines to P90 mags, pistol drum mags, AR-15 magazines and even hard-to-find 20-round steel “Tanker” mags for AK-pattern rifles, KCI produces a little bit of something for everyone; all at prices that are tough to beat. According to the latest info on the midnight movie massacre in Aurora, CO, spree killer James Holmes opened-up on the crowd with a Remington 870. The 1. IT IS IN USED CONDITION WITH SOME VERY LIGHT FRECKLING ON ONE SPOT. 62x39mm, modeled after the original Chinese wind up drum. 62x39mm 75 Rounds Black. At some point during his heinous crime, the mag jammed. Now just close the drum back up and twist the tab on the back 3-4 times when ready to shoot. I've seen 100 rnd AK drums sell for that just a few years ago. 62x39 $64. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China,  75 round AK-47 drum 7. 00 + $10. Out of the 25 times i have run my chinese 100 round drum in 7. This drum mag holds 75 rounds of 7. Features:75 round capacity of 7. The Soviet drum is often more expensive than the similar Chinese 75 and 100-round drums, and at one time was almost impossible to obtain. ITM Arms (cleveland, ohio) AK 47 style PISTOL (not rifle), in 7. automatic device Kalashnikov; also known as the Kalashnikov and AK), is a gas-operated, 7. The AK-47, officially known as as well as 75-round drum magazines. This was in 1992, and I had problems, the same problems with all of them. 62x39 KCI AK-47 7. 62 round. The front sight is a post adjustable for elevation in the field. The Century Arms MAAK78 Drum Magazine AK-47 7. Results 1 - 60 of 222 Drum magazin M16 / M4, 100 rounds, heavy quality. 56mm, 9mm and 7. Count as three 922r compliance parts,&n. 95 SKS Drum Magazine – 75 Rounds (Steel) Holds 75rd of 7. Or pick up in Dallas area. on Gunbroker. Surplus Romanian AK-47 (7. After emptying the shotgun, he switched to a Smith & Wesson AR-15 equipped with a “double-drum” 100-round magazine. . These lightweight 75-round polymer drum magazines are made in South Korea and feature a clear plastic rear. 4. up for your bid is a chinese 100 round drum type magazine for ak-47 platform rifles in 7. Unused, same condition as when it left the Norinco (Chinese)factory. Amazon. 62x39 AK-47 "Chinese style" flip drum magazine with clear polymer back co. This drum is used, and manually functioned tested. Yugoslavian 7. The chinese-style are fairly noisey when they're unwound I think owning a drum (romanian, chinese, bulgarian) should be part of any AK collection but having one for defense makes sense. I bought many Chinese drums when they were $24. Next is a Chinese 100 round drum $300 each shipped. 45 drums are modified 7. However, the russian style are much cheaper. 100-rd. Patterned after the Chinese style and loads from the back, and can be left loaded for storage with no tension on the spring. 62x39 RPD drum magazine with links. 56 NATO, 100 Rounds. 62x39 Chinese Military Surplus Magazine - Smooth Back Design . the drums were not designed for the AK-47!! They are awkward at best, but **** are they fun. 62x39mm Cartridges only. Nice New-In-Wrap Chinese AK-47 100rd Drum Mag AK47 : Rifle Magazines & Rifle Clips at GunBroker. AK-47 75RD 762X39 CLEAR BACK DRUM MAGAZINE . Nice finish. Our goal is to offer you the best priced AK-47 magazines across the board, along with the best quality and guaranteed function. org-Ak 47 100 Rounds Gun The AK-47, officially known as the Avtomat Kalashnikova (Russian: Автома́т Кала́шникова, tr. Auction:2082903 No Reserve. ProMag AK-A16: The AK-A16 drum magazine holds 73 rounds of 7. New Norinco AK47 drum still in plastic wrap holds 100 rounds of 7. Condition: New Caliber: 7. Ak Ak-47 100 Round Drum Magazine Ak 47 100 Round Drum Magazine. KCI drum magazines deliver maximum capacity and impressive quality for the world’s most popular rifles—all at a price that’s hard to beat. 62×39 ammunition. 62 x 39mm Capacity: 100 rounds I would never buy another Chinese drum of any kind, sorry. 2. IT FUNCTIONS PROPERLY. 62x39mm. These's are new old stock, just took out of bag to take pictures. 05 lbs. 100 Round Lot - 7. lrm1981 1,658,352 views. 62x39 ammo and new Chinese army military Hello everyone: Does anyone know how many turns are required to wind the spring in a Chinese 100 round AK drum magazine? I know the 75 round drum takes 7 turns but I can't find any info regarding the 100 round drum. Join The Tactical Clips Group - Sign Up For Our e-Mail List Today! AK-47 Underwater at 27,450 frames per second. The 15 round mags are difficult to find. Capacity: 75-ROUND . Thread Status: Not open for further replies. When you are read. $47. 62 x 39mm 75 Round Drum Chinese Mag Quantity - 100 rounds per box; Manufacturer - Tula; Bullets - 124 grain hollow point (HP) Casings - Berdan-primed steel The firearm has been altered to accept a 30 round magazine. Still has the ‘Made in China' sticker on front. Made to last and last. Value of chinese ak drum mags I was just wondering what a Fair value of Chinese made Ak-47 drum mags is I can get the 75 round and the 100 round Many Mississippi Gun Owners - Community for Mississippi Guns and Laws Full Auto AK47 — 100 Round Drum Mag Dump. The Tapco mag in ten rounds is great in situations that do not require high capacity mags. Your are speaking of the romanian 75 rounds drum and the chinese 100 round wind-up drum. Now I've seen chicom webgear and have an idea of what is chinese and what isnt, but there are several types of pouches out there being advertised as AK-47 drum pouches when really they may be for the RPD or some other weapon. New, Made in South Korea ak 47: assorted accys & magazines: cost / item: available: ak 47 75 rnd drum mag, preban chinese - new in wrap: $295: available: ak 47 as new/new pre ban 100 round chinese drum for both semi auto ak47-types and full auto : $495: available: ak47 40 rnd preban mags -- preban hi cap 40-rnd ak, ak type rifle mags for use in both full auto and semi up for your bid is a chinese 100 round drum type magazine for ak-47 platform rifles in 7. 62 x 39mm, 100 round capacity, original Chinese Wind-Up Drum, made by Norinco. kalifornistan, new york, new jersey, pukeachussettes come to mind, there might be a couple more. Chi-Com government issue, 1970's era. 00 1 - Norinco AK-47 100 round drum-This is AK-47 drum 7. The INTRAFUSE® 10rd AK-47 Magazine is your answer. 62x39 AK-47 magazine. This Chineese AK-47 100 round drum is for the 7. The Chinese drum can remain fully loaded, with no tension on the spring, until the drum is ready for use. It's in good shape with black stocks and a millet red dot. KCI AK-47 7. A few quick turns and it is ready to go. Will ship First is a 75 round triangle 36 drum. 75RoundNorincoFactory36drumBEST Norinco100RoundDRUM. 62×39mm assault rifle, developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov Case Club Pre-Made AK-47 Waterproof Rifle Case with Accessory Box and Silica Gel to Help Prevent Gun Rust The standard magazine capacity is 30 rounds. An SkS has a 10 round fixed magazine, with the exception of the SKS-D or SKS-M which use AK-47 magazines. AK47 100 round drum magazine that sells 100 rd drum magazine for AK-47? BudW I wonder how much the original Chinese 75 & 100 rounders are going for if you ak 47 7. 62X39 50 Round Drum 75 round high capacity drum magazine for AK-47 rifles. No warranty with this purchase. these are very desirable and command a premium. 25 lbs. This is AK-47 drum 7. My two Norinco 75 round drums are 6 inches across the back and have three rows of bullet channel embosed on the front, a 100 rounder will have 4 rows. $475 OBO Romanian WASR-10/63. If he did not have either one of these SKS variants he modified the SKS to accept an aftermarket thirty round magazine. Like new, used twice Chinese/Norinco 100 Round Drum with pouch, $280. 62x39 factory and aftermarket magazines made to thew sane specifications as the original magazines will fit and feed correctly AK-47 7. 62x39 Compatible with all AK pattern riflesEasy to loadFront wind key to provide tensionEmpty Weight: 2. Discussion in 'Old Ads' started by kickface, Jan 23, 2011. The AK-47 uses a notched rear tangent iron sight calibrated in 100 m (109 yd) increments from 100 to 800 m (109 to 875 yd). Here is a suggestion for you, get a stock that converts the SKS to accept AK-47 mags. Caliber: 7. X Products X-5 50 Round Drum: Full Auto MP5 Test - Duration: 2:49. com Search results for "AK 100 drum" Chinese Norinco polytech 100 ak AK47 Drum mag clip : Rifle Magazines & Rifle Clips at GunBroker. I have a good, clean, rare Norinco ak47 100 round drum for sale. 62x39mm 75-round drum magazine for SKS rifles KCI drum magazines deliver maximum capacity and KCI AK-47 75-Round Drum Magazine. price firm. New condition. Vetnam Era Chinese Military Surplus Type 56 RPD/AK Drum Magazine Ammo Pouch Chinese Military Surplus 75 Round Drum Description: 40-round AK stick mags not big enough for you? This is Hussein Obuma's (and probably Rambo's) favorite mag. com acquired both Chinese & Soviet STEEL CORE 7. The AK-47 uses a notched rear tangent iron sight calibrated in 100 m (109 yd) 20, and 40-round box magazines, as well as 75-round drum magazines. AK-47 drum 7. It counts as three 922r compliance parts and&nbs. AK-47 Magazine 7. com Search results for "100 round drum" AK 47 Norinco 100 Round Drum New Penny Start AK47 : AK47 Parts at GunBroker. New, Made in South Korea Chinese 100 Round Ak 47 Drum Magazine. 62x39. acuportland. 62 Romanian (Chinese) drums. 99 for the 100 round drum. With adjustable strap. 62x39) High-Capacity 75rd steel drum. 22, AK-47, AR-15, AR-10, Glock, SKS, Mini-14 M-14, and others from a trusted gun parts expert! The AK-47, officially known as the Avtomat Kalashnikova is a gas-operated, 7. BETA Newly manufactured Romanian AK-47 Drum Magazine. 47 (9 new offers) Southern Champion Tray 1620 12" Sturdy Corrugated Single Wall Cake Circle, Greaseproof, Gold Metallic (Case of AK-47 mag pouches and AK-74 pouches; Whether you want a more durable leather magazine pouch like the Romanian AK that holds four 30-round mags or a cotton canvas pouch that's OD in color and lightweight, we've got it. COMES WITH one 30 round steel mag, and a Blackhawk single point sling. for sale by Jays Guns and Accessories on GunsAmerica - 997683047 Loading and shooting a 100 round drum in a Chinese AK-47. I have bought every one I have seen for sale. New in Package, Loads from the back removable cover. 223 Remington/5. 62x39 30 round blued bolt hold open magazine in good surplus condition with light. jpg 75 Round Drums $114. This 75-round drum magazine is for 7. Arsenal AK-47 Bulgarian Circle 10 40 Round Magazine 7. Custom Mags; 10 Round Mags; SKS Drum, 75 round high capacity, rear load drum mag for the AK-47 Rifle. We have additional information about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. It has 10” bbl, plus a high quality 3” flash hider, and a pistol grip. On the left is a Chinese 5x Cell 30 Magazine pouch. There is a printed, legal-sized piece of paper, with printed description and instructions that comes with these two drums, which reads as follows: GENERAL INTRODUCTION. Made in South Korean by KCI. Very handy as an ammo pouch, shotgun shell pouch, etc. I will call in short name as Ak 47 100 Round Drum For those who are seeking Ak 47 100 Round Drum review. That is a New in Wrapper Chinese 100 round drum on the right. Rear Loading, fits all high cap 7. Buy NOS Chinese AK-47 100rd Drum Mag Norinco China AKM: GunBroker is the largest seller of Rifle Magazines & Rifle Clips Rifle Parts Gun Parts All Carolina Shooters Supply carries many AK-47 magazines, we are sure to have exactly what you need and want. 45x39 AK-74 magazine. Listed In: This is a 100 round drum not a 75. 62X39 ammo. Check with SARCO. I traded my Romanian (paid $89) for $200 worth of ammo. KCI Korean 75 round 7. Hold the 75 round drum magazine or the 100 round drum magazine. 95 $ 47. 62x39mm ammunition and is compatible with all AK style rifles and pistols. Chinese AK47 (MAK90) 75 Round Drums. 62x39 30 round AK-47 - 7. Romanian AK-47 762x39 75rd Drum Magazine (wind up) ON SALE. Two-way closure on top and adjustable shoulder strap. Made in Korea. From the measurement you describe you have a 100 round drum. Surplus Home > Magazines & Drums > AK-47 > Drums > AK-47 75-Round Drum Magazine - Eastern Bloc Russian Style AK-47 75-Round Drum Magazine - Eastern Bloc Russian Style Price: $169. From The Manufacturer. These go usually go for $300 on gunbroker and don't come up for sale to often. Fits any standard SKS rifle (Chinese, Russian, Yugoslavian, Romanian, etc. 100 round drum for the AK-47. The AK47 Drum Magazine is based on the proven Red Army design for a 75-round drum magazine for the RPK light machine gun. 62x39 123 Grain HP Hollow Point Mil-Spec Ammo Special Purchase - 75 round AK-47 Drum Magazine - New Romanian - 7. Plenty of people sell them in around  2 Jan 2012 Chinese 50 round drum for AK, xstiffx, Military Weapons Forum, 4 i have acouple of 75s and 100 rd chinese drums they work fine, no probs at  AK47World. Image info : Resolution:640x480 Size:120kB. La Armería 937,490 views. Made from very heavy Olive Drab cotton canvas. If you find a Chinese 75 round drum, buy it !! Even if you don't want one, the price is skyrocketing !! A buddy of mine says that $500 for a Chinese 75 rd drum will be a reality this year For Sale: 100 round Chinese ak47 drum. The reason not many people have them are they are very expensive. It is a load one round at a time using a ratchet built onto the face of the drum, but once you get the rythm it is very easy to do. 62x39 i only had  2 Jul 2018 China has allegedly developed a 'laser gun' that can burn you to death. I like to get a couple soon, has anyone have any complaints or any reviews. 00 1- new in plastic 170. It helps stabilize the gun for me while shooting. The drum is molded from ProMag’s proprietary Technapolymer over steel feed ramps for rugged reliability and high-volume performance. com - We Don't Make the AK-47s you Buy - We just Make the AK-47s AK47World. Bren 100 Round Drum Magazine Two Bren 100 Round Drum Magazine $1900. KCI AK-47 75 Round Flip Drum Mag Korean w/ Clear Back KCI Korean 75 round 7. 5mm receiver and heavy barrel on the Norinco are Remember. $88. 62 x 39mm ammunition. A fellow redditor let me borrow his 100 round drum and aided me in loading it. Chinese AK-47 / RPK / SKS Drum Magazine Pouch w/ straps . For Sale: 100 round Chinese ak47 drum. bullshit-on-that-chinese-army-laser-gun-thats-making-the-rounds?jwsource= cl It's not a cure-all -- unfortunately, there's no way to achieve 100%  This is a 7. 62x39, Century Arms part number MAAK78. With this set, I have added a Chinese AK-74 style muzzle break. 10 Cosas que No Sabías del Fusil AK-47 - Duration: 10:57. Century International Arms built its name over 50 years ago by offering surplus products and importing high quality AK-47 style rifles such as the WASR-10 and the AK630DS and decided to capitalize on the popularization of the AK-47 Last review found on GT was 2011, Before any mass shooting coming around the bend. Find great deals on eBay for ak drum pouch. Horizontal adjustment requires a special drift tool and is done by the armory before issue or if the need arises by an armorer after issue. For the first time its available at Legion USA. Norinco ak-47 100 round drum. 62 x 39 caliber AK-47 type rifles. Works with all AK style rifles that accept high capacity mags. ) Note: This SKS Drum Magazine does NOT fit the SKS D model sporter rifle (which uses AK-47 Magazines) The SKS drum magazine is a drop in replacement for the factory magazine. I have two of the 75's and two of the 100's. Drum in 7. 62x39mm ammunition, giving the AK-47, MAK 90 and other AK variants serious firepower. AK-47 7. Order magazines for . com I have five chinese 75 round drums & 1 100 round chinese drum for ak-47 1- new in plastic 170. Sort By: Tapco 30 round 5. Russian RPK 75-round drum is a desirable accessory for almost any AK owner, it is very rare and expensive, especially in light of today’s political climate. The Century Arms 75 round AK-47 drum magazine is made from stamped metal and is extremely durable. These drum magazines have been combat proven since they were first designed and have seen service in virtually every war since then. Used it once and threw it on the shelf; it was interesting but too darned heavy when full of shells. 45 will fit in a Chinese or Romanian (Chinese style) drum. chinese 100 round ak 47 drum

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