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However, there are a number of challenges to managing and delivering rabies vaccinations to stray dogs. They welcome every stranger or passer-by with a loud bark. 2 million stray dogs Show compassion, but don’t allow stray dogs to become menace: Supreme Court The bench which was hearing a bunch of petitions filed by various NGOs and individual petitioners posted the matter for further hearing on October 4. Information on Common problems caused by stray cats . • A dog is considered to be man's best friend, but there is, unfortunately, a dark side to having dogs on streets. Worldwide Problem. Ludhiana: Even two months after approval was granted for increasing the capacity of kennels to keep stray dogs after sterilisation, MC officials have failed to do so. 'Gandhi's Writings On the Stray Dogs Issue, in his Paper Young India' (n. Experts say that poor collection of garbage in the cities is the main reason that India has a street dog problem. Anger at dog attacks and bureaucratic inaction is understandable, but their cruel response is unjustifiable. Street dogs, known in scientific literature as free-ranging urban dogs or urban free-ranging Street dog overpopulation can cause problems for the societies in which they live, so campaigns to spay . The stray dog menace is not new in the East Patel Nagar, New Delhi, area as many locals have been attacked by the canines in the past few months. A growing stray dog problem in India's southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu has inspired extreme measures - and tragic results. The number of bites remain high, yet legal pressure from animal rights groups is thwarting attempts to tackle the problem If street dogs have become such a menace in India, some humane method should be adopted by the govt. to estimate the population of free-ranging dogs in three cities in India. I am a resident of the sector 15; people are facing the problem of orphan dogs and their stray on the main road. “We can reduce the density or birth rate but it can only be sustained, with regular interventions and efforts by residents,” Patel elaborates. 1) Introduction. Stray dogs are an increasing problem in India, but now one animal welfare group is beginning a capture-sterilize-release program that will help control populations. Last month, the top court ordered the government in But the dog lovers in India seem to have no concern for human life at all. Yet only a meagre amount is spent on tackling the problem. The stray dog problem is a truly global issue - at this very moment there are millions of dogs on the streets and in slums, outside in all weather, with nothing to call home other than the bare dirty pavement. Someone had spotted a stray dog amid rows of coconut trees a few minutes ago. In 2014, the Kerala Health Department reported 119,000 bites and 10 deaths from stray dogs. So what is the pedigree problem? In India, pedigree breeding is growing at a rapid rate due to high demand. Stray dogs may forage for food, stake out territory, This site is intended to provide stray dog education and information, so that you can make an informed decision if you need to deal with a stray dog problem. it bites many who passes through the way, but no one could do anything about it. These dogs roam free and fearless in cities and enter all public areas including hospitals. 2 million stray dog figure makes 400,000 people at the Thanksgiving parade look like a lowball estimate. . GUIDELINES ON STRAY DOG POPULATION CONTROL Preamble: The scope of these recommendations is to deal with stray and feral dogs, which pose serious human health, animal health and welfare problems and have a socio-economic, political, and religious problems in many countries. Moral Panic Indian City Slum Dweller Violent Encounter Chief Minister . 15PM IST. In Bulgaria—especially the capital city of Sofia—there were more than 400 dog bites a year and 10,000 strays in 2013. The problem Animal India Trust: 011-65669924 Why are jobless drunkards not killed? They cause a lot of menace to people and waste resources. It would take an extremely long time to solve the problem of stray animals, but there Stray dogs are a common sight across India, and they are for the most part harmless, inured to the crowds of people walking by every day. We rattle down the road towards Trivandrum in the midday heat. The root of the stray dogs problem could well be traced to the decision of the Uttar Pradesh government to shut down most It is dangerous to approach stray dogs, they might have rabies and you might catch it from them. Problems caused by street dogs. Our Honbl Minister tells people to train the young children (even 3 years old) as to how to behave. a stray dog was beaten to death allegedly on the orders of the President of the apartment association in Chennai’s Anna Nagar. Mar 21, 2018 A team of scientists figures that leopards kill 1,500 stray dogs each year, be helping to keep people in India safe from rabies-laden dog bites. India has attempted to address its stray dog problem for the last two centuries. The effective solution: Sterilisation-cum-vaccination. Street dog overpopulation can cause problems for the societies in which they live, so campaigns to spay and neuter them are sometimes implemented. Stray Dogs Are Killing Children In India, Scientists Want To Find Out Why In just a week, six children between 5 and 12-years-old were killed by snarling strays, while more than two dozen others Goal: Applaud initiative to control stray dog populations ethically and humanely. That's putting it mildly. ),  Oct 1, 2018 While we are discussing about the dog problems of 'today', here's what Mahatma Gandhi wrote about stray dogs in his paper Young India in  Jun 18, 2019 “The child's death is the latest in a string of stray dog attacks in the city. Apr 2, 2018 Private estimates show while there are over 30 million stray dogs in India, Unable to find a solution to their problems, residents of Noida have  Mar 8, 2018 Feral dogs are a major health issue in India, where they are the leading leopard's diet consists of feral or stray dogs, the researchers found. pls help where should i complain, and i want to keep my identity undisclosed. The problem of stray dogs is so severe that most villagers actually condone their culling, the BBC reports. Neutering should be done on a large scale on all stray dogs. Nov 1, 2011 The issue of animal cruelty, against this torrid backdrop, is hardly likely to However, the stray dog situation in India is a dire one, and one that  The lack of community awareness about rabies control is a major issue that thwarts efforts to prevent The role of the community in controlling the stray dog population was India is one of the SEAR countries in which rabies is endemic. Street dogs may be stray purebreds, true mixed-breed dogs, or unbred landraces such as the Indian pariah dog. The state is witnessing a rise in the number of stray dogs as officials are still trying to figure out how to solve the problem. Charles Rupprecht, chief of the rabies program at This is a problem which leads to many other worst problems in our country like : * Traffic jam * Road accidents Road accidents involving stray dogs, cattle on the rise Stray cattle causes accident in city roads - Times of India * Top 10 Common Pro India has about 30 million stray dogs, Experts say that poor collection of garbage in the cities is the main reason that India has a street dog problem. India testing a new way to deal with stray cattle: Eliminate male bovine before conception 9 Feb, 2019, 11. Stray dogs When I  Aug 26, 2013 Among Detroit's many problems, this one tugs at the heart strings: thousands of wild dogs roaming the streets, many abandoned because their  Aug 9, 2014 New Delhi: Stray canines roaming the Indian capital may soon find address two issues: take the strays off the streets, thereby tackling the dog  Dec 16, 2015 Stray dogs can be considered the primary victims of irresponsible The existence of free-roaming dogs is considered an important problem, not only . How far will India's dog-lovers go to save strays? Many of these deaths are blamed on the strays. The news of the newly born baby attack by the dog is not fade yet. Whilst acknowledging human health is a priority including the prevention of “This is where the fundamental problem lies,” he says. At some point, you've probably seen stray dogs. Children face the gravest threats from them and some are killed from time to time in an attack. The stray dog problem has reached global proportions in many areas of the world. Find Stray Dogs Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Stray Dogs and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV. A majority of dog bites, are caused by the pet dog population in a complex, he points out. A newspaper report today in Times of India described how the problem of stray dogs has become huge in India even in previously pristine places like Nainital. By admin June 20, 2017 Then the problem starts: There are not enough AWO's  Wildlife Education - A Directory of Qualified Stray Dog Removal Professionals There are numerous common problems that can be caused by stray dogs, and  Cities in Italy and India were studied, both with different and somewhat . May 6, 2016 How far will India's dog-lovers go to save strays? Last year, the growing stray dog problem in Kerala and neighbouring Tamil Nadu states  Oct 21, 2016 India has about 30 million stray dogs, and reported about 20,000 human in the cities is the main reason that India has a street dog problem. Jul 23, 2015 The proposed killing of thousands of stray dogs in Kerala, southern India and work on a more humane and long term solution to the problem. Increasing incidents of stray dog bites and rabies are scaring people in India but help is remote. Listen to the podcast below to hear the discussion. Explore more on Stray Dogs. Currently Reading Houston's problem is not 1. Advertising Officials of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation Stray dogs usually feed on any rubbish that is left outside, which is why you find them close to populated areas. Dec 15, 2015 Stray dogs in places like Turkey, India, Nepal, Romania and the Communities worldwide are tackling the problem with effective, humane  Mar 29, 2018 Stray dogs are a significant issue in many countries, from India to Ireland. India’s national policy for dog population and canine rabies control, called the Animal Birth Control (ABC Supreme Court of India has directed all states and local bodies in the country to take necessary steps to sterilize and vaccinate entire population of stray dogs on the streets. (Photo by K Asif/India Today Group/Getty Images) Although the thought process behind the Animal Birth Control Rules seems lucid, the major issue is that it does not look at the situation objectively. Nandini stepped out to rescue the dog and found that the rider was a neighbour, Madan. The street dog issue. Ashraf Padanna and Lakshman Kuchi report. One cannot also rule out the influence of vested interests in the form of the anti-rabies vaccination lobby whose sales depend on the stray dog issue, if one goes by the shocking apathy and Kerala Has A Stray Dog Problem, And There Is No Easy Solution For It As Animal Lovers Sitting In North India May Think The scope of the stray dog problem in many parts of the world is unimaginable by American standards. The stray dog problem is not new. A stray dog in the lane started chasing it and the rider stopped and started pelting it with stones. Shibu, the driver, takes me out in the doggy-ambulance-cum-tin-can. Keywords. raised the problems caused by stray dogs particularly on the littering  Mar 31, 2018 It is brought to your kind notice that residents of Chandigarh are facing a major problem of stray dog biting. Stray dog menace has been a point of debate in Kerala for the last few years after an increase in incidents of attacks by the animals, and was also raised in the Assembly earlier this year. Haphazard urban planning and human overpopulation have led to a correspondingly huge population of street dogs in most Indian cities. More stray dogs lead to more dog bite injuries and fatalities. The Animal Welfare Board of India’s ABC policy ignores pets and randomly sterilises and sterilises some homeless dogs. In the 19th century, the British started killing stray dogs to control the population. India’s place as the global center for rabid dogs is an ancient one: the first dog ever infected with rabies most likely was Indian, said Dr. The purpose of this film is to draw awareness of the need for more clinics for the injured dogs A newspaper report today in Times of India described how the problem of stray dogs has become huge in India even in previously pristine places like Nainital. ‘Oh, yeh, the dog ate the seat belt’ I remember. But experts say there is a rule countering every possible solution. Jun 10, 2018 By Atish Padhy. and residents actively engaging in taking care of their pets and stray to pet dog owners, residents, pets Dear Friends, We can all agree on the fact that ABC/AR (Animal Birth Control / Anti-Rabies) is the only way to control the stray dog population: it is advised by the WH organisation and it is the law in India. When I first arrived in Santiago, Chile, and took a walk around the city centre, one of the first things I noticed was how many stray dogs there were. Why are stray dogs a problem? The presence of stray dogs leads to many problems. only breeds like labrador, german shepherd or other more attractive ones are bought. In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a memo came out that police officers were no longer supposed to bring stray dogs to animal shelters, because they were too What is the best way of controlling the stray dog population? The stray dogs are a hazard in developing countries and same is true in India. This paper will review the most pertinent issues  Jun 20, 2017 The Solution to Controlling Stray Dog Population in India. Cases of dog bites have skyrocketed in the state; more than 1 lakh cases of dog bites - some which led to the death of victims - have been reported in both 2017 and 2018. City life in India is great except for a few things that can jeopardize your safety. Like many other cities around the world, Indian urban communities have large numbers of stray dogs living alongside their human inhabitants. Street and village dogs have always been part of the developing world’s landscape, but exploding populations, increasing attacks on citizens,1 and This site is intended to provide information about top ten common problems caused by stray dogs, so that you can make an informed decision if you need to deal with a stray dog problem. Idea of the apex court’s landmark ruling is to control stray dog population and the spread of rabies becoming a problem in some parts of the country. Aug 7, 2015 ABC-AR has emerged as the most logical mean of managing street dog populations and curbing the spread of rabies. In a pan-India online survey, people reported domestic dogs attacking 80 species of Indian wildlife, of which 31 are Here’s All You Need To Know About Rules Related To Pets & Street Dogs In India. These first companions of humans are now left to fend for themselves on the streets, and the stray dog problem in India is only growing. or else, if killing is the only solution the govt has, then a more painless method like putting the animals to sleep must be adopted. There aren't firm figures on the number of stray dogs in the United States, but they are a big problem. A free-ranging dog is a dog that is not confined to a yard or house. Governance The Indian stray dog debate: Nobody is looking at the pets. (Dog bites cause 99% of those deaths. Every day, thousands of Indians are attacked by A short documentary film on Suffering of Stray Dogs in India went into production in October 2010. The 1. Stray dog menace a cause for concern in Phagwara “Despite repeated requests to heed to the problem of stray animals like cows and dogs on the roads of the town are not given due attention In another case of stray dog attack, Abid Hussain, a resident of Surajpur, old Panchkula, who owns a small watch repair shop at Sector 7 market, was attacked by several dogs and bit by one on As the city faces a serious stray dog problem, various solutions like mass sterilisations, creation of dog pounds, and killing of rabid dogs have been suggested. In India people don't take as pet the breed pf dogs that you see in the video. The Animal Welfare Board of India has reportedly spent Rs 22. Sterilising and vaccinating the dogs who live in our communities effectively and humanely controls their population, prevents rabies and reduces human-dog conflicts India News: Tourist town of Shmla is grappling with the problem of stray dog menace. ) India’s government has made a India has a massive stray dog problem, and the government has consistently failed to control the stray dog population and protect people. street dogs in India [4], many of which are suitable as strong companions, people choose to buy pedigree dogs as a trophy of prestige or opulent wealth. Tell us about India’s national policy on stray dogs, rabies, and its control. In recent years, more and more middle How do you solve India’s stray dogs problem? Although local administration efforts to steralise stray dogs have improved in recent years thanks to collaborations with animal welfare groups, there is a lot more to be done. Their groups are dangerous as they started attacking the passerby. The earlier methods of eliminating the dogs are Someone had spotted a stray dog amid rows of coconut trees a few minutes ago. Socio-religious and cultural beliefs about benevolence to animals has made control of stray dogs an emotionally divisive issue in India. The phrase 'street dog' or 'stray dog' is used to describe a dog with no home, who lives on the streets. With roads and parks becoming shelter homes for stray dogs residents and tour Updated: 16th March 2015 * Note: Please click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the images or open it in a separate internet tab/window. There are also wild dogs in India if you want to check that out, who are actually wild and not just strays. Oct 5, 2015 stray dogs are an increasing problem on American Indian reservations, particularly in North and South Dakota reservations [1]. There are hundreds out there that need help at any moment and if possible we will bring them back to neuter them. The authorities in Kerala recently appointed a special commission, which came to a staggering conclusion that around 100,000 people had been attacked by stray dogs since early 2015, the Times of India reports. How to Deal With a Stray Dog. Free-ranging dogs include street dogs, village dogs, stray dogs, and feral dogs. Mar 20, 2014 Leh town has persistently faced the problem of stray dogs on its streets since a long I realise that euthanasia can be a sensitive issue in India. Apr 15, 2019 The incident again put the spotlight on stray dog menace in India, of the other districts that faced severe problems due to stray dog menace. As for Dingos, I defer to your expertise. They are required to submit a report within two weeks. Patel adds that even the sterilisation of all the dogs in an area, cannot completely solve stray dog menace. Some of these animals need acute medical care but many, in fact most of them, just need a home. one of the dog is owned by a policeman. Unfortunately, Goldie is not alone - at this very moment, India has the highest number of stray dogs in the world – somewhere around 30 million. This page is to help you become more aware of the rights and laws with regard to street dogs and their caretakers, so that we can all tactfully and astutely handle… Stray Dogs Started Turning Blue. Sep 30, 2016 Free-roaming dogs spread disease, kill wildlife by the thousands and India has more than 30 million stray dogs, which can be a danger to . A day will come when the masses will revolt against the stray dog menace and Governments will fall on this issue. Aug 6, 2012 No country has as many stray dogs as India, and no country suffers as . But canines are not India's biggest stray problem, cows When we start working with solving stray dog problem the first thing to do is to determine what kind of dogs are on the streets and where they are coming from. I once saw a story in the news that broke my heart and really showed me the problem with the way we treat stray and unwanted dogs in this country. COM. A family in Kovalam Governance A case for India’s stray dogs. This page will show you how to deal with avoiding stray dogs in Nepal, what to do if confronted by an aggressive dog & what to do if attacked. They are also inevitably still struggling with a “stray dog menace” which is continually increasing with no end in sight. d. India. The incident again put the spotlight on stray dog menace in India, especially in the northern state of Punjab where the situation has become lethal for residents. 5 crore on animal birth control programmes over the last decade which is the only legal method of controlling dog populations in the country. and the line between a stray and a pet is blurry. This number is rapidly increasing, according to the BBC, and as the stray dog population grows, so do the problems associated with it – dog bites, rabies (around 20,000 human deaths per year) and noise pollution, to name a few. Look on the positive side though, that means one less stray dog there. Domestication does not exclude being a stray, stray cows are a problem that we have to deal with a lot. This is likely to solve one of the key problems in rural India ahead of a key elections — stray cattle. 5) Thanks to the lethargy of the town committee they are always on the increase. RIDICULOUS. In 2001, a law was passed in India that made the killing of stray dogs illegal, and residents often feed the animals as well . Jun 19, 2019 A case for India's stray dogs The craze for pedigree dogs also adds to the problem when people acquire them on a whim, tire of them, and  Dec 14, 2015 Sadly, as a result, I have witnessed countless stray dogs being forced to For many people in India, these unavoidable issues can make poor  May 6, 2016 How far will India's dog-lovers go to save strays? Last year, the growing stray dog problem in Kerala and neighbouring Tamil Nadu states  Can anyone tell me have they encountered any problems with stray dogs in Goa ? . Do not touch any cats or dogs in Goa (or indeed anywhere else in India). Unlike dog slaughters in countries such as China, where the canines are killed as part of a celebratory ritual for meat, the murder of any animal in India goes against the very fabric of its most prominent religion, Hinduism. But feral dogs have been a problem for many years. ”. a kind of catch- and-dump scheme by local governments for problem animals. Jun 6, 2018 Whenever the Rostov-on-Don municipal government issues tenders to kill thousands of the city's stray dogs, as it does from time to time, Katya  Oct 26, 2016 Below is the timeline of major incidents of stray dog menace that hit the Water Scarcity in India: Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Maharashtra Affected. Almost all cases of rabies in India are due to stray dogs, which act as a reservoir for the disease, according to the National Institute of Communicable Diseases, based in Delhi. Join The latest scientific opinion has been assembled and presented here to support the legal provisions in Municipal Acts, as the problem of stray dogs and dog-bites has grown to a gigantic magnitude: a) India has the highest population of stray dogs in the world, an estimated 19 million. Due to impractical laws in force, the municipality and police force say that they cannot take any responsibility for the stray animals that are roaming free on the streets. Moral reason: As a part of this ecosystem, we believe in compassion not just between humans but other living beings too. At 4 lakhs, Bengaluru boasts of the largest stray dog population among metropolitan areas in the Indian subcontinent. a dozen experts interviewed said that India's stray problem would only  Feb 2, 2019 While the fear of rabies and being bitten by stray dogs often force residents to take law “This is where the fundamental problem lies,” he says. WE CHARGE FOR OUR SERVICES. Stray dog menace in your locality? Here are ways to deal with the situation We find out what you can do to tackle the stray dog menace. By controlling dog populations, the program will help The job of the Working Group is to come up with humane and practical ways to deal with the stray dog menace issue. On every corner there was a sleeping dog. Earlier, they were waiting STRAY DOG POPULATION CONTROL Preamble: The scope of these recommendations is to deal with stray and feral dogs, which pose serious human health, animal health and animal welfare problems and have a socio-economic, environmental, political and religious impact in many countries. The global dog population is estimated to be 900 million, of which 83% are unrestrained. But the Animal Welfare Board of India, a statutory board that advises the When we look at what the law says about controlling the stray dog menace in India, we find that the laws themselves are a large part of the problem. Stray, or feral cats are usually classified as a pest species due to their habits of occupying public places in high numbers, fighting and spraying. What It’s Like to Be a Stray Dog in India Stray dogs are everywhere, and most landlords prohibit pets. Also There is no known census of the population of stray dogs in India, though the 2003 report by APCRI, a group of professional scientists and experts, estimates that there were 22 million stray dogs in India in 2000. to control the problem. India is home to an estimated 60 million dogs, the fourth highest in the world. They have been issued with a mandate to finalize an action plan with tasks that provides results in handling the stray dog menace issue. while the one in video just survive as stray dogsproblem is the local municipalities don't effectively carry out sterilization program. Explore stray dog population profile at Times of India for photos, videos and latest news of stray dog population. “Finish that dog today,” one woman calls The New York Times today looks at India's problem with stray dogs, which the paper describes as a "menace" in its headline. Here is a news report about the current problem of a rodent invasion that is making life miserable for the citizens of Jammu in Kashmir. For decades the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai used to kill up to 50,000 street dogs annually. Surve of the Wildlife Institute of India around the park suggest that the answer is yes. Nepal's street dog population is a growing problem for both tourists & locals. Then the Street Mobilized. What good do these dogs bring to the cities and people? I can not think of one. Some of the animals, although living wildly on the streets, are fed by people. Ampady, Director Information & Public Relations Department Government Secretariat Thiruvanant Kerala Government and 9 others Animal Lovers of Kerala needs your help with “India Government: Stop Culling of Stray Dogs in Kerala, India. This is why in the English language they are known as "community dogs". Issue of Stray Dogs in India. Jan 9, 2015 Stray dogs are becoming a growing problem for American Indian reservations. They are in numbers. If you want free dog service from your local county animal services, do a Google search for your local city or town animal control services, or call your local sheriff's office. Stray dogs in my street are a very big problem. Jun 22, 2018 The Indian government has to come up with large scale interventions and organisations that can deal with the issue of stray dogs in India. The city of. (It’s illegal here to displace a dog. Thiruvananthapuram: The stray dog menace in Kerala has ballooned into a major political issue in the state, with a businessman launching a day-long fast to draw attention to the problem, and some How to Get Rid of Stray Dogs This is a directory of private wildlife removal businesses. ppl have complianed about it, but no one takes action. The number of cases of stray dog  Mar 9, 2018 Mumbai is one of the densest urban centers on the planet, but a peculiar ecosystem has emerged around the city's immense Sanjay Gandhi  Mar 23, 2018 There are an estimated 95,000 stray dogs in Mumbai. Oct 4, 2018 India has attempted to control stray dogs through culling programs for to intervene in health, environmental and behavioral issues first. Catching them is the problem however. One cannot also rule out the influence of vested interests in the form of the anti-rabies vaccination lobby whose sales depend on the stray dog issue, if one goes by the shocking apathy and stray dog population News: Latest and Breaking News on stray dog population. The Problem Of Plenty: Managing India's Stray Dog Population ABC-AR has emerged as the most logical mean of managing street dog populations and curbing the spread of rabies. They cause the following problems: Rabies–a fatal disease which can be transmitted to humans. K. This site provides many stray dog control articles and strategies, if you wish to attempt to solve the problem yourself. The method used was electrocution. The dog catcher tiptoes into a narrow lane carrying a metal wire noose. there are couple of dogs besides home and both create so much of troubles when we go out and come in. India has a huge share of four-legged, two-legged and winged strays or street animals — this is evident literally at every street corner. Maybe Americans and other dog lovers from other countries can help get rid of the stray dog problem there by importing them all out of the country. Why stray dogs are Kashmir's latest threat. the nuisance problem but not necessarily the stray dog problem (Natoli 2009). ) Animal Lovers of Kerala started this petition to Dr. They run towards motorbike which leads to many accidents in the area. (CNN)A state in India has announced drastic action to deal with its problem of dangerous stray dogs with rabies: culling. Despite its success, few  Mar 8, 2018 Wild leopards that live in an Indian city park like to dine on stray dogs, which but rather than being a problem in Mumbai, they may actually be  Mar 8, 2019 Her success will go a long way in dispelling the theory that Indian stray dogs are too independent-minded to become disciplined professionals. In Someone had spotted a stray dog amid rows of coconut trees a few minutes ago. One problem that I see in India whenever I visit is the number of stray dogs that roam the streets. Again, stray dogs are not wild, they're strays and can be easily brought into homes. Combating deadly pack of stray dogs in a village in Uttar Pradesh, India. 1) The stray dogs in my street-2) Some dangerous dogs-3) Noisy, dirty-spread diseases-4) Sometimes one or the other goes mad-fearful. In short, the stray dogs found a sympathetic bench in the Bombay High Court, one that was supremely of this country by the Constitution of India, namely, to show compassion to all living creatures. stray dog problem in india

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